Meet the team: Introducing Sheridan Hauser

Jul 13

With an extremely balanced approach to health and wellbeing, Sheridan Hauser likes to have her (healthy) cake and eat it too. Spending much of the beginning of her career working as a recipe developer for a food blog, the delicious treats in our nutrition page are likely thanks to Sheridan’s healthy creations.

We spoke to Sheridan about her health and wellness philosophy, and why she is so committed to educating 101 Collins’ customers on all things food.

How did find yourself working in wellness?

I was first exposed to the wellness industry through my love for cooking. Cooking was a big part of my childhood – I was always extremely interested in food (cooking, eating and sharing it), and thus went on to complete a Bachelor of Nutrition and my Cert 4 in Personal Training.

What initially started as a hobby quickly became a career and as time went on, and I have had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest mentors in the industry.

What has been your journey to get to where you are now professionally?

Once graduated from University, I began working as a Head Trainer at a hospital gym, tasked with training nurses, doctors and surgeons. This experience provided a great insight to the health industry and from here, I began consulting as a qualified nutritionist whilst studying clinical Pilates. 

What is one wellness myth you wish could be debunked?
Weight loss is not as simple as less calories in than out. 

What is one thing you wish more people knew about wellness?

Recognising the psychology and mentality behind common health behaviours. Learning why we think a certain way can help gain a deeper understanding of our bodies – it all starts with the mind, and once we can recognise and control our thought processes, we can start to create positive changes through our actions. 

Why is an investment in workplace wellness so important?

Providing a space at the workplace to use as an escape improves the way you feel, increases your engagement and boosts your productivity. In a world where we spend so much time at the office, investing in a wellness facility at work ensures the little changes are easier to reach.

What is your personal health and wellbeing philosophy?

The type of movement and dietary choices considered ‘’healthy’’ is completely unique to each individual. At RISE by Studio PP, we’re committed to tailoring wellness programs suited to your personal social, environment and biological situations on a case-by-case basis.

What is your self-isolation wellness ‘’hack’’?

The 5-minute rule. This can be applied to both food and movement. With food, we so often eat out of boredom. If you have a sudden urge for something ‘’unhealthy’’, wait 5 minutes and if you still want it, go for it. Similarly, with movement, starting is the hardest part. Commit to 5-minutes of exercise and if after this you’re still not feeling particularly motivated, stop. Most of the time once we start moving the motivation follows. 

Sheridan Hauser is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at RISE by Studio PP. To secure a session with Sheridan, contact our Wellness Manager, Carmen, at


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